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Countdown to the Virtual Career Expo

Updated: Mar 18

Spring recruitment season is about to kickoff with the Virtual Career Expo, here are a few easy steps to be ready to meet with employers, develop your application materials and get help from the Center for Career & Professional Development. In order to be ready, we suggest starting at least 10 days before the expo and checking off this list as you go.

Student registration is now open on Handshake. Sign up and reserve Thursday, Feb. 17 from 4-7 pm on your calendar.

Registration is just the first step, you also need to review the 100+ employers who are attending to determine which are in industries of interest or have open positions you want to apply to. It will be helpful to use the filters to be able to sort the list of employers. Research employers and sign up for 1:1 slots or group meetings in order to interact with recruiters. You can also follow @lehighcareercenter on Instagram to see employer highlights.

We make it easy to prepare for the career expo with an Expo Prep Guide, short YouTube video, and answer your questions in the Career Expo FAQ blog post. Take a few minutes to review this information so you know what to expect and can take steps to be prepared before the event.

Attend Career Expo Prep Event on Friday, Feb.11 to practice before the event. This is a great way to become familiar with the technology, ask questions, practice your pitch and build confidence. Be sure to register on Handshake with the link above.

Your pitch or introduction will kick off conversations with recruiters, so this is important information you can organize and practice ahead of time. Your pitch should be 30-60 seconds long and contain helpful information about your experience, education and career interests. It might help to write down the content you want to include using the topics outlined below. Try to avoid memorizing a speech word for word, which will be easy to mess up when you are feeling nervous. Instead, write down the main points using bullets so you can deliver the information uniquely each time but still share the full information as you planned.

  • Your name, major, class year, and graduation date

  • Express your interest in a position / career path

  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the company/organization

  • Highlight your related experience / show how your major applies to the position

  • Summarize 1-2 experiences in and/or out of the classroom that connects to the job or career path

  • Ask a prepared question

At the Virtual Career Expo, you will not be able to share your resume, so your handshake profile is the best way to share your information with recruiters. Be sure to complete your Handshake profile and make it viewable to employers. This should include an uploaded resume.

Use Career Lab (walk in hours, M-F, 11 am - 4 pm in 500 MG) and the Resume Guide to ensure your resume is ready for applications. It is always helpful to have someone proofread the document and help you strengthen or update the information to reflect last semester’s new details. Resumes should also be customized for your industry, incorporate buzz words and be formatted to allow for a quick 10 second scan. Interacting with recruiters is an important part of a job or internship search, but you should still be prepared to complete applications and submit a resume via the Handshake job board to positions of interest.

Since the Career Expo is a virtual event, you should prepare the physical space that will be visible on the camera. This includes decluttering, cleaning or clearing the background, incorporating effective lighting, and making sure to limit noise and interruptions. Handshake does not allow for the use of virtual backgrounds or filters.

It's time to purchase or clean and iron your suit and professional attire. Dress for the Expo should be business professional, with guidelines and examples in the back of the Interview Guide. No hoodies or casual clothing please! Dress to impress!

Be sure to log in to the Virtual Career Expo using Chrome or Firefox browsers and enable pop-ups. Be sure your microphone is working properly and the WIFI signal is strong in your location. It also might help if you check there are no updates needed on your computer and you recently restarted it to ensure its running smoothly. Keep your computer plugged in during the event or start with a full battery! If you run into problems, use Handshake’s help article on Video Requirements & Troubleshooting.

Leading you to…Career Expo Day!

Congrats, you made it to the expo day! Be sure to log in a few minutes early for your 1:1 sessions or group sessions. Remember, you only have 10 minutes with the recruiters so preparing a pitch and doing company research will help you bring questions that make a great first impression and use the time well. But the recruitment season doesn’t end after the expo. Continue to job or internship search on Handshake and prepare for interviews!

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