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Employer Tips and Strategies for a Successful Lehigh Career Expo Experience

Using Handshake’s Platform, we invite employers to participate in our Spring or Fall Virtual Career Expo. Below are tips for before, during and after the Expo that will help ensure you have a positive experience and maximize the ability to connect with students. We have also included additional resources, articles and contact information for the Center for Career & Professional Development that may be helpful.

On the days leading up to the career expo, it is important to take action with the following steps:

Company Leads/Schedule Owners:

  1. Register and Establish Schedule Early

  2. Plan for and host information sessions as well as individual student meetings

  3. Advertise on LinkedIn, Twitter, social media, etc.

  4. Conduct email outreach to students

  5. Monitor Student Attendance for schedule adjustments and changes ~ increase session/meeting opportunities as needed (approximately 100 teammates per employer)

  6. Check with technology departments within your organization to ensure connectivity via Chrome or Firefox with no firewall concerns and the ability to sign out of VPN if using

Company Representatives:

  1. If you do not have a Handshake account, you will need to register for one

  2. Please click HERE to request access. If you do not request access or establish an account, students will not be able to sign up to chat with you. You will receive an email confirmation once your user account is approved.

  3. Once you have registered for a Handshake account, the company lead/scheduler will add you to the specific event and generate a notification email. You will need to claim your schedule from the email notification sent to you or you can log into Handshake and CLAIM YOUR SCHEDULE for the relevant career fair by following these steps:

  4. Log into Handshake

  5. On the Home page, scroll down to events and select Lehigh Career Expo

  6. Within the career fair, go to the Schedule Tab

  7. When there, claim your schedule. It is recommended that you block at least one ten-minute slot per hour to recharge and to ensure that you can take notes.

  8. Please access this linked article and screenshots for support should you need help with claiming and participating in your schedule.

  9. Review student profiles/resumes for those registered to your hosted sessions/schedule.

On the day of and during the career expo, please take the following steps:

  1. Download Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. These are the ONLY platforms that will allow you to access both video and audio within the Handshake site. Please use the twilio test page if/when you download Firefox to ensure audio and video are working.

  2. Log out of your VPN if applicable, prior to joining the Handshake Event and log in into your schedule up to an hour early on Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. As a host, you will be granted access and able to launch sessions 60 minutes in advance of the start to test your technology.

  3. Once you log in, navigate to the career fair and click on the schedule tab from the fair overview page. Please test your technology again to ensure you are not having any issues. Next, go to your first session where you will be able to click “Launch Video” to test the session. When you click Launch Video, you’ll be taken to the launch screen, where you can enable and disable your microphone and video. Be sure to enable both AUDIO and VIDEO.

  4. When you click Join Now, you will be brought into the session. Some things to note:

  5. There is no timer or reminder that your 10 minute 1:1 session is ending. Please work with your student to wrap up conversations to move to the next session. Students may have back to back sessions scheduled and will need to transition in a timely fashion to keep schedules for all on track.

  6. Joining the 1:1 video session is very much like joining a zoom. You will click join session and then click enter in the next screen. There will be a chance to test audio/video before you actually join with the student, so you will be “joining” twice before entering the virtual room with the student. Access a quick instructional video/help article as necessary.

  7. When you are ready to end a session, click the ‘End Session for All’ link. You can then enter your next session from the Schedule tab.

  8. Throughout the Expo as well as at the end of the event, make sure you have registered any notes you would like included in reports and downloads available from the system.

After the career expo, consider engaging in the activities shared below:

  1. Follow up with any students with whom you may be interested in networking by accessing the RSVP tab for student information from your sessions. Expo Follow-up

  2. Review student profiles and download resumes for students in attendance in your sessions and for whom you may have an interest in interviewing.

  3. Contact our Employer Outreach Coordinator, Marcia McKay via email at marcia.mckay@lehigh.edu to request interview scheduling for your posted positions.

Need additional help with the Virtual Career Expo?

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