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Micro-internships with Parker Dewey

Parker Dewey has partnered with Lehigh University to offer students an opportunity to gain real work experience by completing virtual projects for employers. Set up your free profile to get started and browse dozens of opportunities in a wide range of industries. Micro-internships are a great way to grow your resume and experience, during the semester or summer and winter breaks!

What is a Micro-Internship?

Your time at Lehigh is preparing you with a foundation of knowledge and skills to launch your career, but it still takes most new hires three to six months to settle in and feel like they know what they are doing. Micro-internships and projects will help make the transition from college to career.

Micro-Internships are short-term, professional assignments that provide you with opportunities to gain experience, while helping companies get more done. Through these assignments, you will learn what it takes to succeed in an industry, while demonstrating your grit and determination as prospective employees.

You will get a firsthand look at how experienced professionals operate in the workplace and contribute on real projects. Through your Micro-Internship assignments, you’ll learn how a seemingly small or rote task adds value, and how the work connects to larger business goals.

Getting Started with Parker Dewey

The number one, super important, biggest thing you can do today to help increase your chance of being hired for Micro-Internships: UPDATE YOUR PROFILE!

Here are three common mistakes that students make when creating their profile:

  • NO PROFILE PICTURE - It’s hard for employers to know who they are hiring when you don’t have a profile picture.

  • LACK OF RELEVANT INFORMATION - You may or may not have professional experience today, but including your hobbies, relevant courses, skills, volunteering and any organizations you’re affiliated with will help tell employers who you are. That said, if you don’t have the necessary skills for a Micro-Internship that is posted today, check back regularly to see new projects that are a better fit. Only apply to Micro-Internships that you feel you’re skilled enough to do and can complete on time.

  • SKIPPING THE DEMOGRAPHICS SECTION - Though this section is optional and your responses are not visible to companies, Parker Dewey works directly with many organizations dedicated to supporting students from diverse backgrounds. The more information you provide in your profile, the easier it is for Parker Dewey to share opportunities that fit your background.

New location fields

We have recently added options on your profile for a city, state, and zip code for both your "hometown" and your "current location." Here’s why including this information could be critical in helping you to obtain a Micro-Internship on Parker Dewey:

  • We know college students are mobile and are often open to opportunities both near and far (especially with COVID-19)

  • By providing this data, we'll let you know if one of our regional partners have opportunities

  • We'll also be able to alert you to on-site opportunities as they arise in your area

Like all of the details you provide in your profile, this information will never be used to filter you out of an opportunity, it only serves to make it easier to help you connect with employers!

How does it work?

Internships are posted individually by companies with students applying to the experience with their resume and responses to short answer questions on screen. Students may apply and complete 1 project at a time or work on multiple projects at once if selected by the employer. The process does not include an employer interview, but does provide for employer feedback and connection during and at the end of the project. Projects are usually short-term and employers do return to previous students to engage them in ongoing projects.

Parker Dewey vets projects and compensation plans as well as the type of work being requested to ensure appropriateness to interns at a 1st/2nd year level. Compensation rate is $15. - $20./hour. Opportunities are steady throughout the year; not much seasonality is experienced. Projects may be completed by 1 individual or multiple individuals at one time, but work is typically completed independently. Most projects/internships typically extend from 10 - 40 hours

Approximately 30 - 50 projects are posted to the website at any given time and cycle through pretty quickly from week to week. Parker Dewey works with several thousand employers across all industries.

Steps for After the Internship

  • Mark project as complete: This will start the payment process. If you have any questions about payment, contact Parker Dewey directly.

  • Feedback: After you complete a Micro-Internship through Parker Dewey, you get rated and feedback from the project manager. This feedback goes directly to you and its purpose is for you to learn and grow. So if there are things the manager suggests you can improve, take that as advice, and if they say you did a great job, ask for their permission to share that feedback with others.

  • Update your experience: When a company posts a project on PD, they only see what you have in your profile, so if you've already completed a project you should add it to your profile under experience, add it to your resume, and even add it to LinkedIn.

How does a Career Launcher list a Micro-Internship on a resume or LinkedIn profile?

Career Launchers are independent contractors and therefore not employees of either Parker Dewey or its clients. As such, it is recommended that you categorize these experiences under the heading “Independent Consultant” and highlight each engagement separately or by category. Consultants are subject to the Nondisclosure Agreement in the Terms of Use, and therefore you should be sensitive to the level of detail provided. Consultants (that’s you!) may request that a client review the content or can contact Parker Dewey for feedback.

Need more help finding a micro-internship?

Pop into Career Lab, Monday - Friday, 10 am - 3 pm to work with Career Center staff. Find the zoom link in the Handshake events tab.

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