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Active your profile and explore the landing page including the main menu across the top

Make your profile public to allow employers to search for you

Control settings in this drop down menu

Explore jobs, internships and work study positions

Pro Tip: Use the favorite button to track and short cut to jobs and events

Pro Tip: Use the favorite button to track and short cut to jobs and events

Pro Tip: In filters, check the box "All employer preferences match" for an easy sort 

From top menu review drop down options under Career Center

Use filters to search for positions of interest

Make an appointment with a Career Coach

Save searches to be notified of new postings that fit your preferences

Step 1: Use the resource page

Step 2: Attend Career Lab Walk in hours

Step 3: Meet 1-on-1 with a Career Coach

Use the Resource Page to learn the basics on many topics.


Explore Careers


Cover Letters

Job/Intern Search




Thank you

Job Offers & Salary Negotiation

Consulting Careers

Digital Portfolios

Career Expo

Federal Careers

Working Abroad 

& More!

View Events to see employer on campus visits, career workshops and Career Expo details

Search events by key words, dates, event type and others

Pro Tip: Review the Quick Guide attachments

Pro Tip: Register to short cut the check in process

Review Career Expo details:




Register for the event


Bus Schedule

Contact info

View the list of employers who have registered for the event

Explore other students' experiences, employers and internships as a networking tool

Use the filters to search student profiles for employers, majors, or other details.  

Pro Tip: Ask for advice from other students before you apply!

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