Katharine Marianacci - Engineering Career Coach

Katharine joined the Lehigh Career Center in 2018. As the departmental liaison to the College of Engineering and Applied Science, she provides career counseling and job/internship search guidance to engineering students. She also manages the Engineering Honors Co-op Program and leads career education programs and activities. Katharine earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wilkes University, where she graduated summa cum laude and earned the award for the Most Outstanding Graduate in Psychology. She is now pursuing her Master of Education in Counseling and Human Services here at Lehigh. Throughout her time as an undergraduate and her first year as a graduate student, Katharine gained a wide variety of experiences in the career development field. She was a teaching assistant for a career course, a human resources intern, and a career services intern at a workforce development firm. Most recently, she completed her practicum experience at the Lehigh Career Center as part of her graduate studies. Katharine believes that career satisfaction plays an integral role in overall life satisfaction, and she is passionate about helping students find success and fulfillment throughout their career journeys.

Christine Russell - College of Business Career Coach

Christine joined the Lehigh Career Center in 2017 as a career coach.  In August 2018, she acquired the role of Liaison to the College of Business.  She manages the Externship Program, facilitates the Career Interns, provides career counseling and job/internship search guidance to business students, and leads career education programs and activities. Christine earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Education from Bloomsburg University and is currently a Certified Professional Career Coach, Certified Professional Resume Writer, and Certified Employment Interview Professional. Prior to her time at Lehigh, she was a high school business teacher which allowed her to integrate career development into her classes.


Christine is passionate about career education and is here to help you reach your highest potential and find a fulfilling career.

Andrea Reger - Arts & Science Career Coach

Andrea joined the Lehigh Career Center in 2016, after working and studying at Oklahoma State University where she completed a Master of Science in College Student Development, Educational Leadership. With a Bachelor of Arts in Photography, she also has a deep passion for serving and supporting students within Arts & Science academic programs with a special interest in working with first generation students and bringing career education to the classroom. Recently she became a Certified Strength Coach, allowing her utilize strength based coaching to help students explore academic or career options and pursue their professional goals. Her daily work focuses on leading programs and presentations on career topics, teaching professionalism, editing career documents, building networking skills, and preparing students for internships and careers in a wide range of industries and positions related to science, math, communication, research, government, non-profit, technology, design and art. She also manages the alum to student mentor program Lehigh Connects and designs and publishes all the social media content for the Career Center's Instagram, Facebook and twitter social media accounts. 

Patty Reina - All majors & 1st year student Career Coach

Patty joined Lehigh University in 2010 and the Career Center in 2016. She holds a Master of Science in School Counseling degree and is a National Certified Counselor with over 10 years of coaching and advising experience with students. Patty enjoys coaching students and helping them design their career paths because it is an exciting time with so many possibilities. Patty serves students across all of the undergraduate programs at Lehigh University and plans programs and workshops to serve first year students. Her artist talent and interests (including a passion for painting) allow her to oversee and manage the visual branding and advertising created in the Career Center. If you see a poster, flyer or logo shared by the Career Center, it was likely designed by Patty! In addition to her work in the Career Center, Patty has 3 very young children and is an avid animal lover!  

Mary Ellen Raposa- Pre-Professionals Advisor

Mary Ellen is a licensed professional counselor with a specialty in pre-professional advising. She works with students and alums interested in the health professions, the law, as well as graduate school (i.e., master’s and doctoral programs). She graduated from Yale University, where she studied molecular biophysics and biochemistry. She subsequently spent a year at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. After one too many evenings in the gross anatomy lab, she realized that dental school was not a good fit for her! So, Mary Ellen made a change, putting her science background to work as a medical/science writer and editor. She joined Lehigh’s career center in 2008, after completing her Master of Education in Counseling and Human Services at Lehigh. Some of the typical advising topics covered in appointments include exploring possible careers within health or law, choosing a major, developing a competitive application to medical or law school, asking for letters of recommendation, and writing personal statements. Mary Ellen works with the Health Professions Advisory Committee to provide an institutional letter of support for Lehigh applicants to medical or dental school. She maintains the Pre-Health and Pre-Law Advising course sites, manages the Med Mentors, and administers the St. Luke’s Biomedical Externship (BIOS 202).  Individual scheduled appointments as well as drop-ins are available each week. Consult Handshake and the Pre-Health and Pre-Law course sites for a calendar of events each semester.

Alison Erk - Graduate  Programs Career Coach

Ali joined the Lehigh Career Center in 2019. She attended Lehigh University for undergraduate and graduate study earning a Masters in Education. Ali is a Certified Career Services Provider dedicated to helping individuals pursue their career goals. She has worked with students and families in public education as a school counselor and in the non-profit sector as an education specialist. Ali enjoys designing programs and coaching students because she loves to see individuals take control of their career journey. She serves graduate students in three colleges from 60+ academic programs. Ali provides assistance in the form of individual and group career counseling, collaborative programming and presentations, career events, and virtual resources for career and professional development. When she is not working at the Career Center, she enjoys spending time with her family which includes her four children who range from elementary-age to college-age.

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