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Celebrating Lehigh Graduates with the First Destination Report

Each year the Center for Career & Professional Development collects survey data from the graduating class to learn about where they are headed after graduation. Details on new jobs, graduate programs, medical school, and many other destinations tell the story of how Lehigh University launches young professionals on their way. Discover the stories of where several graduates headed after they walked across the stage to collect their diploma and a call to action for 2021 graduates as we complete our survey collection for the First Destination Report.

What is the First Destination Report?

The First Destination Report consists of 1,000+ individual stories that share the success of Lehigh students. From the survey responses we generate reports and identify trends to inform university stakeholders. Beyond the statistics surrounding outcomes, the First Destination Report is also a critical resource that communicates the diversity of post graduate pursuits sought by Lehigh students.

Current students, future students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and employers all look to the First Destination Report as evidence of how Lehigh works to prepare students for the future and the strength of Lehigh talent.

Specifically the First Destination Report:

  • Supports the recruitment of future students to Lehigh.

  • Communicates the return on investment of a Lehigh education.

  • Serves academic departments when data is needed in accreditation efforts and eligibility for grants/funding.

  • Advises current students on industries and employers that hire Lehigh talent, career paths for Lehigh students, and benchmarks for salary negotiation.

  • Signals to employer partners the strength of Lehigh students entering the workforce and continuing their education.

Calling all 2021 grads!

Now that you know the importance of the First Destination Report here is what you can do to support its production:

  1. Class of 2021 - Take the Survey! It takes just 5 minutes to share your plans

  2. Class of 2022 - Before the survey launches to you this Spring, be sure to update your LinkedIn Profile reflecting your new position or plans to enter graduate school

Mikayla Hymanson, User Experience Designer at Prudential

Design, ‘21

I am helping design the service platform where users can go to complete transactions, such as reallocating their investments, making payments, or changing their beneficiaries. I work on two cross-functional teams and side by side with other UX designers, developers, and product managers. On a daily basis, I create prototypes and perform user tests to receive feedback on the design experiences. At Prudential I love how eager everyone is to help each other out and how the company culture encourages a work/life balance. I work remotely so I also love the freedom it gives me to work from wherever. The most helpful office during my job search was by far the career center. Throughout my years at Lehigh, the career center significantly helped me in writing my resume and cover letter, which led to me getting multiple internships. When it came to getting a job after graduation, my Career Coach and I met one-on-one multiple times and she helped me tailor my resume to UX design specifically. Within a week of working with her, I had a job offer.

Lauren Furst, Pursuing MD at Jefferson

Pharmaceutical Chemistry, ‘21

As a first year medical student, I spend my mornings in lectures or working through cases in small group sessions. In the afternoons, I have clinical skills classes, anatomy lab, supplemental lectures, research, or free-time for studying. We cover a lot of material in a week but I've learned so much in the last four months alone and I'll be ready to start my clinical rotations in a year and a half. As a pre-health student at Lehigh the most important advice I can share relates to the timelines and application process for medical school. I applied to 21 medical schools in June before my senior year and interviewed in October-December. Medical school uses rolling admissions so I got my first acceptance in October. There is a pre-health Career Coach that can help you prepare for medical school applications and interviews and understand the pre-requisites you need to complete.

Caitlin Murphy, Research Fellow for National Institute of Health

Molecular Biology, ‘21

As an IRTA Post baccalaureate Research Fellow in the National Eye Institute at the National Institutes of Health I get to perform research with complete access to the amazing scientific resources the NIH has to offer. There are also a lot of resources in regard to career development in the biomedical research field. My goal after completing my fellowship is to go on to graduate school for my PhD. I originally went into Lehigh as a pre-med, but fell in love with research through the RARE program. Drs. Neal Simon and Vassie Ware, the RARE advisors, provided me with a lot of support while deciding which career path would be best for me. Dr. Simon was also my research advisor and was the one to suggest the Postbac program at the NIH. He was incredibly helpful during the application process with looking over CVs and letters, and often providing a much needed “voice of reason” when I was feeling the pressure. My advice for seniors would be to reach out and make connections with faculty. The relationship you have with these mentors will not only provide you with invaluable guidance, but also much needed support during a very stressful time in your career.

Matt Solomon, Pursuing MS in Sports Industry Management at Georgetown

Finance, ‘21

The Sports industry management program at Georgetown has been a great fit for me because I am learning about the industry that I have always dreamed of working in. I am also an Event Operations Assistant for Georgetown Athletics in charge of Football and Men’s Soccer. In this position I coordinate details for all home games for the football team and the Men’s soccer team. I was most recently lucky enough to be co-tournament director of the men’s soccer Big East Tournament since we were hosting. I really enjoy being close to the teams and making sure they have everything they need to be successful on the field. My advice for Lehigh seniors would be to not feel boxed into whatever major you are in if that is not what you want to do. I graduated with a finance degree at Lehigh, and while I do still want to work on the business side of sports, I decided that going for the standard finance job was not for me. I instead decided to go in the direction that I was really passionate about and I believe it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Job Seeker Support

Any recent graduate who is still working through a job search continues to have the full support of the Career Center including Handshake access, networking resources and 1:1 coaching. We welcome recent grads and alumni to reach out to learn about how we can help you reach your career goals.

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