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Exploring Engineering Careers: Panel Discussion Recap

When it comes to choosing a major or navigating your career path in engineering, insights from those who've been in your shoes can be invaluable. The Center for Career & Professional Development hosted a virtual panel discussion that included undergraduate and graduate engineering students, as well as alumni, who discussed their experiences and offered tips for identifying industry interests, exploring academic majors, and learning about career pathways and possibilities within the industry.

If you couldn’t attend the live event, don’t worry! We’ve summarized the key takeaways to help you navigate your path in engineering with confidence:

Meet the Panelists


Key Takeaways: Engineering Careers Panel Discussion

Exploration is Key

Get Involved & Gain Experience

Leverage the Lehigh Alumni Community

Lean Into Your Interests

Stay Open to Change


The valuable insights shared by our panel participants provide an illuminating roadmap for exploratory engineering students. As you navigate your own journey, remember these overarching principles that can shape your path in a meaningful way:

  1. Embrace the spirit of exploration and curiosity as you make your academic and professional choices.

  2. Joining clubs and associations is not just about building your resume. Hands-on involvement in extracurricular activities, faculty research projects, or on-campus interdisciplinary opportunities can shape your perspective and guide you forward.

  3. Networking is a crucial element of career exploration. Leverage the resources and connections available to you as a Lehigh student. These connections can provide guidance and help you make informed decisions about your career path and the major that suits you best.

  4. Your major in engineering is not a fixed choice, it's a flexible opportunity. Customize your educational journey to align with your interests. It's the intersection of your academic pursuits and your passions that often leads to innovative and fulfilling career choices.

  5. Adaptability is a virtue in the ever-evolving world of engineering. Embrace the opportunity to pivot and evolve as your interests and aspirations develop.

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