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Formatting Your Resume for 2020

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Your 2020 resume may need to include remote work, virtual internships, canceled summer 2020 plans and new ways of showing independent projects and online learning. Review these Lehigh student resume examples of how to format and describe experience and learning in remote settings.

Online Guide

The 2020 resume guide includes 4 resume examples representing how to uniquely format remote work and online learning. Review the formatting there to get ideas about how to organize and describe your experiences during COVID.

Summarize multiple skills and experiences:

Organize all your summer 2020 experiences and learning into one section by summarizing how you spent your time and completed accomplishments. Be sure to be specific with details and quantities when possible. In this example the section was named “Independent Study and Accomplishments” but you could also use:

  • Summer 2020 Experience

  • Remote Learning and Work Experience

  • Virtual Work and Projects

Canceled Internships or rescinded offers

In many cases, employers had to change their hiring plans which resulted in canceled internships or rescinded offers. But is it worth giving space to note that you were offered a position that ultimately didn't happen? That depends on if you have the space on your resume to add the details and if you to emphasize that you did earn a position. If you were selected from a competitive process, recieved an offer from a noteable organization or want to highlight a position of significant value, it might be worth briefly adding the details of your canceled internship. If you do include this information, but sure you positively represent the position and the employer.

Remote Work

Remote work is unique in that it requires self motivation, strong communication skills and independent learning or problem solving - ALL skills worth adding to your resume. Be sure to include details about what virtual tools you used and describe each step of the projects you work on.

Virtual Internships

Working virtually with an employer or team is a great experience to add to your resume. Often these positions were adjusted from in-person experiences and its a great way to demonstrate your flexibility and versatility to an employer. Just like a normal work experience, describe what you learned, how you contributed and the tasks you were entrusted to complete.

Online learning and certificates

Udemy, Coursera and edX are three examples of inexpensive online learning platforms that allow you to add new skills to your resume. Often these courses are self paced that let you sign up and complete the work at whatever pace and timeline works for you. We highly recommend you explore additional learning opportunities to add to your education section on your resume. Especially as you browse internships or full-time positions, look for skills that are noted on the job boards and identify courses that will help you met job requirements.

Lehigh also now provides campus-wide access to LinkedIn Learning, a leading online learning platform that offers thousands of curated, expert-led courses based on the career path, role and interests of the learner, offering a highly personalized, data-driven learning experience. LinkedIn Learning helps anyone learn business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals, which make excellent additions to your resume. Explore over 12,000 courses and 5,000 video tutorials from industry experts at LinkedIn Learning at Lehigh.

For more ideas on free or easy ways to access skill building tools or online learning certificates or courses explore the COVID-19 resource tile on Handshake.


Externships are formal or informal job shadowing or company exploration days. In some cases these are established programs you can apply to right from the Handshake job board, but you can also work with your network to arrange an externship experience on your own. Connect with an alumni on Lehigh Connects or LinkedIn to ask "Is there an opportunity to job shadow with you so that I can learn more about your company and position?" Be open to your host meeting virtually or in person with you. Come prepared with questions and ask to sit in on meetings and work sessions to get a good sense of the work they do, their products or services, industry norms and what skills and education they need to complete their work. When adding an externship to your resume focus on what you learned with the experience.

Need helping adding information to your resume?

Come to Career Lab (drop-in career question hours). During the semester lab runs Monday - Friday, 11 am - 4 pm in MG Hall Ste. 500 for help. Throughout the summer Career Lab is held virtually. Visit Handshake events and search career lab for details. We are happy to give you 1-on-1 time to review your resume, discuss unique ways to add your experiences or help you brain storm ideas to gain experience now.

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