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Ghosting Haunts Recruiters and Job Candidates

Ghosting is when a person suddenly stops all communication. This practice has leaked into professional settings, leaving both recruiters and candidates in the lurch.

Professional Reputation

As a new professional, you are building a professional reputation. It is expected that if your plans for interview change or your interest in a position wanes, you notify the employer promptly. Though these conversations are often uncomfortable, an email or quick phone call is an easy way to share information and protect the professional image you want to convey.

Example email:

Dear Recruiter,

Thank you for the recent offer to interview me for the ___________ position. Unfortunately, after some thought I don’t feel this position is a good fit for me and have decided to withdraw my application. Thank you for your time and best of luck with interview process.


Your Name

Ghosting is Not Better Than Reneging

The trend for new hires to ghost an employer is rising, but this practice is no better than reneging. The best way to avoid either of these situations is to NEVER accept a position until you are 100% committed and ready to completely end your job or internship search. Keep in mind that recruiters and companies in the same industry often have relationships, so your actions may be shared with others and could impact your long term job prospects or options for future employment.

Expectations for Employers

Unfortunately, many companies still don’t have the resources or time to follow up with every candidate that applies or interviews for a position. You should expect that there will be lots of applications that never provide you with a response. If you are left hanging by a recruiter, you are encouraged to do your own follow up.

Dear Recruiter,

I recently applied to the __________ position with your company and remain an interested and available candidate. I would love an opportunity to schedule an interview to demonstrate how my experience and education have prepared me for a role with ________ company. Specifically,I am eager to share details about how my ___________ experience has prepared me for ____________ in the role with your organization.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Your Name

Recruit Help

If it has gone radio silent, its time to recruit help from inside the company. Use Lehigh Connects or the Lehigh University Alumni page on LinkedIn to identify if you have a contact who works at the organization. Contact them to request a referral or information about the human resource staff.

Lehigh Connects Example:

Dear Lehigh alum,

Hello from the Lehigh University campus. I am reaching out because I recently applied for an internship at your company. I would love to interview for the position, do you have any advice on best practices on following up on my application? I am hoping you can direct me to the correct person I could reach out to, so I can emphasize my interest in the role. Also, any insight you can provide on the interview process and how I can prepare is welcomed. I am very interested in this opportunity and want to make sure I do everything I can to be fairly considered!

Thank you for your help,

Your Name

LinkedIn Example (300 character max “note” sent with a request to connect)

Hello (name),

I am connecting with the hope you can assist me with a referral to the hiring manager for the ______ position at your company. I have recently applied and hope to be offered an interview. Any advice or information you can provide would be helpful. Thank you.

Move Forward, Even Without Answers

In any job search, you should never limit your options to a single opportunity. Once you have done all the steps you can with an application or interview process, its time to move on to identifying other options and applications. Never sit back and wait for someone to follow up with you. Research, apply, network, follow up, interview, and repeat until you accept an offer. Even when you aren’t sure about your status, there is always a point where you have done all you can and should move on.

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