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Grow your skills & gain experience with an experiential learning project based opportunity

Many organizations and employers have reimagined what work can look like over the past year+. This new normal has reshaped opportunities for student work into short-term and experiential project based learning opportunities. As a Lehigh student there are so many options to consider! These experiences will help build your skills, your resume, and your confidence.

Experiential learning, project based opportunities are typically short-term, professional assignments that help you build skills, explore career options, and let you gain experience working for organizations and professionals like Lehigh alumni. Unlike a traditional 6-8 week+ internship, these opportunities typically range from as little as 5 and up to 40 hours of work with an assigned deadline. Most of the projects & opportunities can be completed remotely. The opportunities include paid and unpaid opportunities.

In addition to experiential learning opportunities, there is also LinkedIn Learning with thousands of courses & video tutorials for professional development, skill building, and even personal growth from leading experts across a multitude of industries. You can explore all of the topics available to you as a Lehigh student from your own device on your own schedule.

We still highly recommend traditional summer internships but experiential learning offers the additional opportunity & flexibility to take action towards your career goals during the semester and shorter breaks such as winter. Experiential learning project based opportunities allow you to gain experience while continuing to take classes and shaping your own flexible schedule. This flexibility also means you can potentially take on more than one project.

And the best news? There are no fees with any of these services for Lehigh students. Review the links below to explore the projects or micro-internships that connect to your career interests or academic major. New options are posted every week, so continue to browse and apply often.

Lehigh Connects is our exclusive alumni and student online community hosted through PeopleGrove. Along with connecting with Lehigh alumni you can also access experiential learning projects! Projects are short-term, virtual work sponsored by Lehigh alumni designed to help you build experience and skills. Browse the options and check back frequently for new projects added each week.

Scaling real-world work experience between companies and students. Bridging the gap between academic learning and career success through remote project work for various companies across many industries.


In partnership with Lehigh, offering short-term employer sponsored projects. It's easy to get started and no resume needed! This program will match you with opportunities that fit your skillset. Join & register on the website, engage in a 10 minute short chat about you & your skills, and be matched with a project that fits.

In addition to experiential learning, project based opportunities you can build your current skills or gain news ones with LinkedIn Learning. Thousands of courses and video tutorials curated based on the career path, role and interests of the learner, offering a highly personalized, data-driven learning experience from leading experts across different industries from tech to creative, personal growth, & more.

Additional resources & tips to be ready for remote work

Explore additional remote, project based opportunities and information on Lehigh's Handshake Resource tile: Experiential learning project based opportunities.

When recruiters and hiring managers interview candidates for a remote role—whether it’s remote for now or remote forever—they’re going to be looking for people who have the skills to do the job itself and understand what it takes to work from home successfully. Here are 10 questions they’re likely to ask with advice on how to respond and sample answers: the Muse, 10 Remote Job Interview Questions You’ve Got to Be Ready to Answer

⚠TIP: When applying to any experiential learning, project based opportunity, whichever platform you use, make sure you tailor your resume (if required) and career materials to that particular project or experience. Express your genuine interest in that project, company, etc. and how you can bring your skills and value. This practice may take a bit more time BUT it will increase your chance of being chosen for an interview or the project. Check out our guide on our Handshake Resource tile on Resumes to learn more about this.

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