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Need a reason to attend the Fall 2021 Virtual Career Expo?

Updated: Sep 16

The Fall Career Expo is our largest networking and recruiting event of the entire academic year. If that is not reason enough, we have come up with 5 reasons to attend this year's Fall 2021 Virtual Career Expo...honestly there are dozens of reasons BUT let's start with these 5!

#1: With 130 employers attending across so many different industries there is truly something for everyone. Whether you are searching for an internship, full-time position, or exploring careers & employers the expo is the place to be! Review the employers attending the expo.

#2: Many of the employers attending the expo have posted positions for full-time &/or internships. You can select full-time or internship in the filter options when reviewing the employers attending! Attend a group session & learn details about current & upcoming opportunities directly from a recruiter. Attend a 1:1, share what skills you can bring to a potential position.

#3: There is no better way to demonstrate that you are a great fit for a position than getting to pitch your skills and qualifications directly to a recruiter. Bring your resume to life and connect with recruiters in 1:1 sessions! Practice your pitch beforehand. Use this to help

#4: 1:1 & group sessions are the only way to interact with employers during the expo. Attend a 1:1 session to meet directly with an employer (do this if you are interested in an open position!) OR go to a group session to learn more about the company and opportunities. Check out the Available Sessions tab on the expo page in Handshake and start adding sessions!

#5: No long lines, no waiting, no traveling...no seriously - being virtual means you can schedule your sessions & meet with the employers you want to! If you act now, you can build a full schedule with 1:1 & group sessions and meet with all of the employers you are interested in!

So have you registered yet? Well get to it! Register for the Fall 2021 Virtual Career Expo and start preparing! Attend our Career Expo Prep Mock Event (9/17) to test out the platform & practice your pitch before the actual expo. Also review our Virtual Career Expo Comprehensive Guide to fully prepare & check out our Career Expo Prep resource tile in Handshake!

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