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The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow

I’ve done some research and found 7 new Instagram accounts for you to follow to gather inspiration professionally, personally, and creatively! Take a look and check them out.

Guest blogger: Reagan Sullivan, Career Center Intern, Marketing, Class of 2020

6am Success (@6amSuccess)

When a 6am Success post arrives on my busy newsfeed, I feel a strong dose of reassurance and calm when I read it. Life (and Instagram!) can be so overwhelming, but I find that reading these collections of quotes & positive affirmation statements reminds me to pause, take a breath, and put everything in perspective. Especially during the stressful job and internship search process, I always appreciate seeing these posts pop up in my newsfeed to help me refocus my intentions.

The Wing (@the.wing)

For women out there looking for motivation to excel in the business world- check out The Wing for a daily dose of female-forward, business-minded inspo. The Wing is a network of work & community spaces designed for women with the goal of advancing females through building a strong network and community. I love this page because they have a healthy balance of aesthetically pleasing posts of their workspaces, spotlights of true girl-power, and lighthearted, yet impactful, reminders of just how powerful of a force we gals can be.

Lehigh University (@LehighU)

What are you doing if you haven’t been following Lehigh University all this time?! I always look forward to seeing a new post from our school because their updates keep me in-the-loop regarding the milestones our students are reaching, surpassing, and/or creating. One of my favorite elements of this account is how accessible it is for students to do a take-over for a day via Instagram Story! I love tuning in and seeing fellow students talk passionately and candidly about their internships, abroad experiences, and events on campus. Reach out to Lehigh Communications if you ever want to be featured.

The Center for Career and Professional Development (@LehighCareerCenter)

Your one-stop-shop for all things professional development! This account is my savior when it comes to reminding me of job deadlines, upcoming events, and networking opportunities. Sometimes, when I find that I’ve been aimlessly scrolling Instagram for 15 minutes without blinking instead of doing my work, seeing these posts about professional development bring me back to reality, nudging me that I should really be scrolling through handshake as much as I do Instagram. Throw them a follow and your future-self will thank you! #hirelehigh

LinkedIn Flex (@LinkedInFlex)

LinkedIn Flex: a collection of cringey LinkedIn posts that are both equally as amusing as they are terrible. I like this page because it pokes fun at LinkedIn, specifically how people use the platform as a space to make very dramatic posts about very average, or downright irrelevant, events in their lives. I, for one, can start to get a little discouraged as I scroll through my LinkedIn feed and see the accomplishments of my peers, so I’m so happy that this page calls out those over-the-top posts and, in its own way, encourages people to take LinkedIn a little less seriously. Don’t get me wrong, DO share your accomplishments with the world! Just don’t tout them like this guy…

Career Contessa (@careercontessa)

Consider this account your daily career advice resource. Not only is there practical advice here, there is also a ton of information on everyday things that can improve your work day, career goals and realistic next steps.

Entrepreneur (@entrepreneur)

This page features a wide range of entrepreneur quotes, stories and inspiration. It may be hard to spell, but doing your own thing and bringing your ideas to life is a great career path for many Lehigh students.

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Anna Francisco
Anna Francisco
Feb 27, 2020

Thank you! I will look into following these helpful and motivational pages.


Christy Roush
Christy Roush
Feb 25, 2020

These accounts are so motivational!

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