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The View from the Other Side of the Table: Recruiter Advice from Klover

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Guest Author: Samantha Janas, Talent Acquisition Coordinator for Klover

In the three years since graduating college, I have transitioned into a full-time recruiting position that allowed me to attend many career fairs and talk with many potential candidates. One of my tasks is to hire designers who shared the same core values as Klover. I look for candidates that are engaged in the career fair process including professional attire, a firm handshake, a well-organized resume, and a follow-up. When I recruit for positions, I also look for enthusiasm from prospective candidates. While we can teach the technical skills, we cannot install a passion and drive that is so important for our industry.


Presentation is key! I have attended career fairs where students showed up in jeans and sneakers. I am never impressed as it shows me that they do not care about their future employment. I am looking for students who are taking the search for internships, co-ops or full-time employment after graduation seriously. By showing up to a career fair in business professional attire, you are showing employers that you are serious in working for them. Make sure you spend time choosing your outfit ahead of time and that your attire is clean and free of wrinkles. Your shoes should be dress shoes, yet maintain comfort, as you could be on your feet for a few hours.


Before attending a career fair, make sure you do some background research on the companies that are interesting to you. You will have the upper hand when it comes to knowing important information about the company as well as what they are looking for in candidates. When you arrive at the career fair and walk to an employer’s table, make sure to give a firm handshake and introduce yourself. Hand the employer a clean-looking and well-organized resume that they can read over while you tell them about yourself and what you are looking for. Before handing a resume in for potential employment, have your career services department look over it to make any necessary corrections.

Your Fit

An employer will ask you questions about your education, work history, accomplishments, as well as your aspirations. The employer is trying to gauge where you may fit within their company. This is your time to show them how you would best fit within the organization by relating your experience to the research you have already done about them. After speaking with the employers for a few minutes, ask them how you can apply for any openings and follow up! You will always want to take a business card from the employer so you can follow up after the career fair. Your follow up should be a professional email thanking the employer for their time and how you are excited to be considered for employment for their company. It is now more uncommon than common for an employer to receive a thank you email, which means that sending this could make you stand out from the other candidates!

Be Yourself

There is no perfect recipe to attending a career fair. The only thing you can do as a candidate is to know about the organizations and what they are looking for in their candidates, dress and act professionally, as well as have a well-organized resume and send a thank-you note. Each employer is not only looking for someone who is well-prepared professionally, they are looking for someone with a personality that can fit within their organization. Don’t let the stress of job hunting keep you from being yourself!

Learn more about Klover

Klover Contracting, located in Quakertown, PA, specializes in prefabrication. We rely on our design team to create panel drawings for commercial buildings. With Lean at its core, Klover is revolutionizing conventional construction. We’re expanding the boundaries of the industry to offer the best and most efficient solutions possible to our customers by developing some of the most advanced methods, materials, and technology in the industry. We exist to reinvent the way construction is done.

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1 Comment

Feb 25, 2020

Well said. I think the most important thing is being yourself. If you have to be someone your not to fit in at the interview, that company/position is likely not the one for you.

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