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Resume Basics

Your resume is the first, and therefore very important, part of any application process. Do you have a document that will help get you hired?

First things first

Start with a blank word document, no templates or tables so you can easily add and edit in the future. Set margins to .7” and keep font between 12-10 pt. No pictures!

If you are applying within a creative industry you can include color and more unique organization and design pieces. If you are applying within a more conservative role keep it formal in format and content.

You should prioritize your sections by importance and use language to name each section appropriately.


Consistency and organization are key. Use a blank line to seperate sections and experience so that document is easy to scan. Use a consistent font throughout and find a way to highlight section names with bold, underline or lines.


Keep this simple and use limited space. One address, phone number and email are all you need with the option to also include a LinkedIn link or website.


This section is optional but can be helpful if you need to highlight something relevant or clarify information to an employer. If you do decide to include it, break the information into bullets instead of a paragraph to make it easier to read.


Start with your Lehigh information and spell out Bachelor of Science or Art. High school information is only needed during your freshman year. List GPA if you are 3.0 or higher.

Academic Projects/Research

If you do not have industry related experience yet this can be a helpful way to discuss skills, knowledge and projects from your coursework that apply to the job.

Skills Section

Do not include a skills section that only includes “fluffy” skills like teamwork, leadership, communication, public speaking, etc. If you include this section it should list technical, language or other specific talents.

Professional Experience vs work experience

Don’t bury an industry related experience between other pay the bills type of work. While both are great to include on your resume, make sure experiences related to you industry are moved higher on the resume and given their own section to draw attention to them.

Leadership and Campus Involvement

These sections are great ways to demonstrate well roundedness and emphasize transferable skills.

Get Help

Use the Handshake Resource page, resume tile to review worksheets and the Resume Quick Guide. There you can view an example layout and more resume details,

Attend Career lab, walk in hours Mon-Fri, 11:00-2:00 in 484 Rauch. This is a great way to have your resume reviewed and ask questions in the group work setting.

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Anna Francisco
Anna Francisco
27 feb 2020

Career lab is always super helpful when revising my resume! The career interns find ways to improve my wording and format every time I attend.

Me gusta
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